Medicare Payments and Molescreen

Molescreen sets fees according to the nature of the services we provide. Fees are commensurate with other specialised skin cancer clinics offering comparable facilities, equipment and expertise. This fee is an agreement between Molescreen and yourself.

How much does Medicare pay?

Medicare rebates vary widely according to:

  • the length of the consultation
  • procedures done by the doctor
  • how much you’ve already spent on health care in the current year
  • which doctor you see
  • for excisions: the size of the skin lesion, its location on the body, and the subsequent diagnosis after microscopic examination


Medicare rebate

Full body check (short or standard)

$21.00 - $71.70

Full body check (long or complicated)

$61.00 – $105.55

Single or limited number of spots

$21 - $37.05

Cryotherapy (freezing) solar keratoses (more than 10)


Excision (surgical removal) of skin lesion, with stitches

$81.15 – $303.45

Punch or shave biopsy or removal of skin lesion

$44.40 – $54.00

Diathermy (burning off) skin lesion


Photography/computer analysis of individual lesions


Body mapping photography/computer analysis


Doctor’s analysis of skin lesion/body mapping photographs
(if patient is not physically present)


Cryotherapy (freezing) solar keratoses (10 or fewer)


Any treatment of skin tags, warts or seborrhoeic keratoses


Dressing change, wound check, any other service performed by a nurse


Telephone or email consultation


Correspondence/case discussion between your doctor and other health services or specialists



The amount paid by Medicare is set by the Department of Health. The amount is loosely based on the cost of medical services in a general practice setting. It is often influenced by the policies of the Government of the day. Successive governments have refused to increase Medicare rebates since 2013 (and there are some services where the rebate has not changed since 1990). The current government has undertaken to freeze rebates until 2020.

Your Medicare payment is an arrangement between you and the Department of Health. If you feel that the amount is inadequate, we suggest you contact your Member of Parliament.